Wherever there is snow in the forest, you can be there, too. You gain a fantastic driving experience with special snowmobiles on selected routes on the snowy mountain of Parnassos.


In the enchanting landscape of Parnassos, cycling lovers experience the most beautiful ride by mountain bikes with the guidance of experienced teachers. Enjoy your ride safely.

Forest wellness program with Yoga and Pilates

Arachova and Parnassos have all the right conditions to achieve the relaxation that everyone seeks. In the company of our experienced trainers, we eliminate stress and give every attendee the opportunity to regain the peace of mind and body they have lost.


It is such a beautiful feeling to be surrounded by snow and become part of the white landscapes in Parnassos. In collaboration with experienced teachers, the appropriate training to beginners and advanced ones, you can live an exciting experience in the snow. Organize unforgettable moments on Parnassos by skiing and snowboarding with your beloved ones, with all the necessary equipment for a safe and fun schuss.


Climbing is one of the most popular extreme sports and therefore, we could not miss this activity from Parnassos mountains. On special climbing fields, guidance from our specialized partners and the necessary equipment, you will gain the ultimate climbing experience, which can amaze any fearless climber.

Horse riding

In collaboration with the Horse riding Club, you can enjoy a memorable ride on beautiful horses. In a fascinating route in the nature of Arachova, younger or elder explorers write their own indelible history.

Arachova’s local products

Local products make a place special and outstanding and help us understand its history and civilization. So, we could not neglect your gastronomic trip to the local products of Arachova.

We organize visits in local workshops of the production of formaela, PDO Arachova cheese, by local producers. Cheese lovers have the opportunity to take part in the procedure and make their own cheese.

A visit to local beehives is also organized, so everyone can know about the history of honey production and its powerful nutrition.

Also, guests have the opportunity to visit local sweets workshops, seeing and understanding the whole process of their production, tasting and buying some jars for back home.

Furthermore, we organize visits to the cellars of local wineries in Arachova and give visitors the chance to taste the best local wines. Wine does not miss from any Greek meal and accompanies every dish in perfection.

Last but not least, the olive harvest is the most traditional Greek process after the summer months, which you can watch by a visit to the mill, when time is right.