Hearing about Arachova, the picture one makes is usually a snowy landscape, a lit fireplace, a mug of hot chocolate and a loving companion.
However, Arachova is not only a winter destination, but a beautiful and bright place during the summer months, as well.
One of the most romantic destinations in Greece, ideal not only for a short excursion on weekends but also for longer vacation all year round.
The cobbled streets with the stone houses create a picturesque setting of old times.
Autumn is dominated by the orange color on the trees and the first raindrops.
In winter, you can enjoy unique moments with a walk in the local, warm shops and the aromas of fresh bread, handmade pies and wood.
In spring, the whole nature of Arachova is dressed up with the most floral senses, while the colors from the summer sunsets flood the sky and enchant the visitors.